Vote BMW for BOE

Carroll County Citizens United endorses candidates Tara Battaglia, Jim Miller and Steve Whisler for Board of Education.  
BMW will stand for parental rights, support teachers and keep schools focused on providing an academic education free of political indoctrination.

  • Parent, three children in CCPS
  • Vice President, Board of Education
  • Fought to open schools, unmask kids
  • Removed politics from the classroom
  • Parent, three daughters in CCPS
  • Youth Athletics Volunteer and Advocate
  • Experienced Business Leader
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  • Parent, two sons in CCPS (one a recent grad)
  • Retired Combat Veteran
  • Proven Business Executive
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Hear what our candidates have to say…

Our Platform

Proven Leadership

The BMW ticket each brings with them a successful track record.  Incumbent Tara Battaglia led our school system through the pandemic and saw to it that Carroll County was the first in the state to reopen.  A finance executive, Jim Miller will bring a commonsense approach to the education budget.  Steve Whisler, a retired naval officer and business executive, will keep CCPS focused on its core mission of providing all students an academic education free of indoctrination.  Together, BMW will ensure Carroll County remains the envy of Maryland public education.

Focus on Academics

You’ve seen the national headlines regarding political indoctrination in public schools across the country, and Maryland is no exception.  The MSDE continues to impose their social justice agenda on Carroll County through mandated curriculum and threats of withholding funds.  BMW will keep these distractions out of the classroom and ensure CCPS continues providing students the best academic education in the state.  We need age-appropriate curriculum that teaches our students how to think critically, not what to think, and focus on addressing the post pandemic learning loss.

Parental Rights

BMW collectively have 7 children in Carroll County Public Schools and understands how important it is for parents to have a say in their children’s education.  They understand it is the right of parents to raise their children with values they wish to instill.  BMW, along with our great teachers, will work with parents to define curriculum that respects and understands the important role that parents play In our education system.

Support Educators

It’s the teachers of CCPS that are the reason why so many families move to our county, and BMW wants to keep it that way.  The BMW ticket will work with our newly elected commissioners to ensure teachers receive fair pay and work to lessen the additional burdens placed on educators by the state. Most importantly, Battaglia, Miller and Whisler recognize that teachers need our direct support and will work to provide the resources educators need without the involvement of special union interests.

Local Control

We experienced firsthand during the pandemic the Maryland State Department of Education’s overreach with school closures and forced masking that harmed our students.  The MSDE continues its top-down control with disciplinary policies that protect bullies and force social justice agendas.  We’ve seen the damage that these “one size fits all” programs have caused our surrounding counties.  BMW will ensure our schools remain the very best in Maryland and will stand between our children and harmful state mandates.

Success for All Students

BMW wants all students to have the opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential.   Students should have access to career advancement opportunities spanning trade school, agriculture education and college.  Battaglia, Miller and Whisler will also make sure core academics – the foundation of all career paths spanning STEM, business, and the trades – remain the focus for students.

Restore Trust and Confidence

With students still recovering from learning loss, and fears of political indoctrination in public schools, BMW understands the need to restore the community’s confidence and trust in public education.   Battaglia, Miller and Whisler will work to restore this trust through renewed partnerships with parents and educators, and ensuring the school system prioritizes the needs of students above all.

Endorsed By

Sheriff Jim DeWees

State Senator Justin Ready

CCPS Board Member Donna Sivigny

Gubernatorial Candidate Dan Cox

Carroll County Republican Delegation: Susan Krebs, April Rose, Haven Shoemaker

Carroll County Republican Central Committee

Moms for Liberty, Carroll County

1776 Project PAC

Stand for Health Freedom

Power2Parent Union